Multifaceted. Multitalented. Multifunctional.

Hello! I’m a creator who knows enough about coding, copywriting, strategy, and leadership to be really dangerous. An art director looking to make an impact and be an integral part of an amazing team. I’m equal parts head and heart—I work to create beautiful, impactful work and to ensure those around me are both challenged and appreciated.

My daily duties over the past several years have included concepting and creating in a myriad of media for a broad range of clients. The bulk of my work includes designing and often building WordPress sites and concepting and creating print and digital presentation materials.

Outside of work, creating is still a huge part of my life. Whether it’s DIY projects in and around my 125 year-old home in north Denver or creating craft cocktails and dinners for a night in with friends, I just really like making things and sharing them with others.

When I’m not creating, you can find me enjoying all the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Hiking, snowboarding and inline skating are just some of the ways I love to enjoy the outdoors.

My experience includes a diverse range of clients.

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