Valor Discovery is Valor Christian Academy’s international missionary outreach program. Students can sign to go on missionary experiences all over the world. I worked with the program’s director to develop a logo that really communicates the core values of Discovery. A big challenge was that he wasn’t able to articulate what he wanted in a logo, just that “I’ll know it when I see it.” (Exasperating…) Thankfully, the last concept I showed him, he loved. It’s an almost literal interpretation of Discovery’s tag line, “Go. Serve. Transform.” With a bold, blocky font, I incorporated the arrow, the hand, and the cross—going, serving, and transforming.

After the logo, Discovery needed redesigned pieces to describe the trips, to get parents and students excited about getting involved, and to publicize several information nights. While developing the brand and the new collateral, I also had to ensure that whatever I created still fit with their website. We weren’t able to redesign the site, but I did give it a refresh so the new logo and some of the new identity pieces would be represented.

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