When I arrived at Valor, the arts department was in dire need of a new website and a new take on their identity. The department had expanded to include the Valor Sports Network (sports journalism classes & productions), and Graphic Design, Web Design, and animation classes.

First, I worked with my department head to develop a clean, professional logo; one that reflected our new name—Valor Arts + Media (no longer just Valor Arts), and our new tagline, “Innovate. Create. Transform.” I came up with a flexible, clean type treatment that can stand alone or pair with the tagline in a graphic treatment. It was a huge hit with the department.

From there, I started on the website. My department head and I met with the other Arts + Media faculty to determine what our core needs would be for the site. I also met with our developer. Balancing the wishes of the department faculty with the development platform was challenging, as our developer needed our new site to tie in with the rest of the school’s sites. That meant it had to be developed in DotNetNuke.

A few site maps and wireframes later, I had developed a clean design with an organic, creative feel to it. It features a timeline functionality that pulls media from our accounts on SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Flickr. Department faculty can upload student work to any of the aforementioned sites, log in to our back end, and easily add the media to relevant timelines. Check it out above or at

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