I really enjoyed the process of creating the identity and collateral for Valor Arts + Media’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. With traditional, well-known shows like Fiddler, there’s the pressure of people’s expectations. They’ve seen the branding of the movie or the broadway play and are expecting something similar. And though I don’t want to just create another version of something that already exists, I need to make sure that the visual language I’m using connects with the themes and general vibe of the show, and is somehow familiar to the audience.

Although I experimented with the traditional (and literal) image of a fiddler on a roof, I found I was more drawn to something more simple—something that could interact with the typography more successfully. I ended up with the fiddle cut out of the “o” instead of the actual fiddler (you can see those versions below).

Fiddler logo iterations

Fiddler logo iterations

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