Sometimes when you start on a project, you know exactly what you want to create, how to create it, and that it will be great. This was one of those projects. As soon as I read the play synopsis, it hit me—a victorian-looking woman, with… a mustache. Thanks to some affordably priced stock art, my own mad photoshop skills, and some fun with typography, now everyone else gets to see it, too.

To publicize the play, we added business cards to our normal repertoire of collateral (posters, social media, postcard mailers, placement on our school websites, etc.). I worked with the theatre director to pull some of the funnier, more random lines from the play, and we put those next to the mustachioed lady on one side and the show information on the other.

And, it’s pretty cool when the theatre director changes the dialogue of the play in homage to your design work. In this case, the costume department drew in a subtle mustache on the actor who was the “man in the dress” attempting to pass as another character’s aunt. During the play a rather oblivious character gestures toward him and stage whispers “But, she has a mustache!”

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