• 5 years experience in digital media (Possible/Bridge Worldwide)
  • 5+ years freelance experience; logos, print work, digital,etc.
  • 2 years experience as lead designer in multi-platform campaigns: digital, print, etc.

I’m lucky to have collected a wide variety of design experiences. I started in digital media, designing web sites, email newsletters, and digital ad campaigns for CPG brands ranging from Pepto Bismol and Glide Floss to LaChoy and Orville Redenbacher. I had a leading role auditing content and designing pages for a complete redesign of ConAgra Foods’ corporate web site.

Most recently, I lead the redesign of my department’s brand and web site. Check it out.


I’ve developed solid communication skills (and grammatical know-how!)—communication is my top strength in the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. My other four are positivity, maximizer, strategic, and woo (Winning Others Over), making me a solid team player (and a pretty fun person to be around). I love collaborating with a strong team to create awesome work.


  • B.S. Design (Graphic) from University of Cincinnati; College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning
  • Masters in Teaching (Visual Arts Education, College of Mount St. Joseph

I went back to school for my Masters in Education a few years ago, for a multitude of reasons. That experience stretched me in a number of ways. My writing skills and traditional media (painting, drawing, sculpture) grew more than I ever anticipated, impacting my design work in great ways.